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"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."- Cersei Lannister

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 History Highlights: The Bloodstone Emperor

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King Daeron I Targaryen

King Daeron I Targaryen

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PostSubject: History Highlights: The Bloodstone Emperor   July 31st 2015, 5:31 am

The Bloodstone Emperor

The Great Empire of the Dawn was a mythic realm established on all the land between The Bones and the Grey Waste, from the Shivering Sea to the Jade Sea and including the isle of Leng, and the predecessor to the Golden Empire of Yi Ti.

The Opal Emperor was the seventh ruler of a line that began with the God-on-Earth, the son of the Maiden-Made-of-Light and the Lion of Night. He was succeeded by his daughter, the Amethyst Empress, but her younger brother, envious, cast her down and slew her, taking the crown and proclaiming himself The Bloodstone Emperor. He turned his back on the gods of Yi Ti and began worshiping a black stone that had fallen from the skies, took a tiger-woman as wife, practiced cannibalism and necromancy, and enslaved his own people. Horrified at the Blood Betrayal, the Maiden-Made-of-Light turned her back upon the world and the Lion of Night came forth in all his fury to punish the wickedness of man, ushering in what would come to be known as The Long Night.
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History Highlights: The Bloodstone Emperor
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